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EB-50PT Protable Double Manual Side Edge Bander



    • Training and installation, tooling & rigging are optional.

      Customer is responsible for local regulations and connecting utilities

    • Download the Catalog PDF click here

    • The perfect solution for edge banding of all sizes, The portable edge bander can be used for large sized wooden boards and half-finished wooden products. The board can be fixed in place while the hand-held edge bander proceeds.It can also be used for small sized wooden boards while the machine is fixed onto a conveyor belt or table with stand. The process of edge banding is the same for normal sized loads.
    • Flexible and is suitable to any work place, both for furniture manufacturing or the carpentry and woodworking industry.
    • Suitable for DIY works allowing high reliability of the equipment at a low cost
    • Custom alignment for use on straight or curved panels.
    • Automatically applying glue on the tape and amount of the glue aplied could be adjusted.
    • Work for panel with beveled edges of 75 to 90 degrees.
    • Suitable for portable or stationary application.
    • Quick and easy use by a single operator.
    • Variable Speed Feed / Digital Temperature Control / Reheat quickly.
    • Full set of accessories ,enable easier operation and perfect edge banding result