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La Puente, Ca 91746

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TS-P3200MA 10’ Sliding Table Panel Saw



    • Training and installation, tooling & rigging are optional

    • Download the Catalog PDF click here

    • Heavy-duty construction, vibration-free operation. Easy to set up and quickly adjusts.
    • Saw blade moves up or down and tilting movement manually.
    • Scoring unit for clean, accurate chip-free cutting, ready for edge banding.
    • Saw shaft bearings lubricated for life, supported with anti-vibration and noise rubbers.
    • Special primers and finish for long-term protection.
    • High accuracy, free movement sliding table without wear resistance. Specially designed double rollers carriage made by aluminum profile.
    • Stable, torsion-free cross slides with easy running swinging arm.
    • The table to be assembled integrally to the sliding carriage which works carefully both on movable parts, and sliding system warrants absolute stiffness of the whole carriage.
    • The base is welded from cold rolling steel plate, offers rugged construction.
    • Industrial full power motor for heavy cutting capacity.